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We saw a huge reduction in legal fees and better quality
Einat Paz, CFO, Anodot

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Get your contracts reviewed within hours, without having to wait around or nag your lawyer.

With Superlegal, only 5% of our contracts require a second round of negotiation.
Irena Libov, General Counsel at Fireblocks

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Negotiate the best deals based on insights from past contracts and market trends.

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Cory Sumsion, Director, Commercial Counsel at eBay


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The power of AI, the expertise of top-notch lawyers

Superlegal is powered by sophisticated AI that was trained using thousands of contracts and then reviewed and fine-tuned by legal experts (yes, real humans!).
Contract Review at Scale

Superlegal negotiates sales agreements that are critical for closing yet typically expensive and slow to handle. We negotiate thousands of deals simultaneously—as your company scales, we scale with you. And we guarantee turnaround times as low as 6 hours while saving you up to 90%. 

Analysis and Insights

Superlegal analyzes aggregate data across all your contracts, creating guidelines for future negotiations and helping you identify opportunities, obligations, and liabilities. 

Real-Time Visibility

Superlegal reviews thousands of contracts daily, giving us a real-time picture of market trends, including changes to pricing and critical terms, which then shapes every negotiation.