About Us

Contract review that works with you, not against you.


Time saved reviewing and negotiating contracts


faster time to close


cost savings over traditional solutions

What We Believe

Be an enabler, not a blocker.

Contract review has always meant sending a document to a lawyer and waiting. Once the deal is signed, your pay that lawyer for his time. The more time he spends, the more you pay. This process is not built for speed or efficiency. It may be good for their business, but it is not good for yours. We prefer to look at the problem from a business perspective and solve that.

It’s not just for lawyers

Many start-ups and mid-size organizations operate as lean as possible. This means that the CEO, CFO or even the CRO find themselves picking up the bits no one else in the company can take on, including legal. Superlegal was built for anyone responsible for reviewing contracts, whose time is better spent on other things.

Good solutions mean finding balance

AI will not replace lawyers, but lawyers who use AI will certainly replace those who don’t. What makes Superlegal unique is our ability to find the optimal balance between AI technology and experienced lawyers so that deals close faster and our customers never waste time on low-value work.

Contracts are more than risk, they’re opportunities

A lot of contract review technologies are trained to identify significant and potentially surprising risks, obligations, and liabilities. And it is important to know what it is your contracts. But contracts also contain opportunities. And we prefer to focus on the valuable intelligence you can extract from them to drive business decisions.
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