If you haven’t heard by now, Superlegal’s new feature AI QuickCheck has arrived – and it’s a game changer.

Superlegal’s AI QuickCheck is the AI legal assistant you’ve been waiting for!

And you can try it out for FREE, right now!

Are you drowning in contracts and need to prioritize your workload ASAP? 

Superlegal’s AI QuickCheck is here to help you breeze through contract reviews and take your negotiations to the next level in record time.

With Superlegal’s AI QuickCheck, you get immediate insights that you can trust. 

Whether you’re wondering what to look for in your contract, which terms are most critical, or whether it’s safe to sign your contract as-is, AI QuickCheck has got you covered. 

We help you identify the most important terms in your contract, and give you a report in seconds that analyzes these critical terms against market standards.

Why ‘market standards?’

Superlegal’s AI has analyzed hundreds of thousands of contracts

We take all of this data, plus the genius minds of our legal experts, to tell you what’s standard in the market. 

Our AI knows:

  • Which terms get negotiated the most for your contract type
  • Which terms are the most critical for your business
  • Which terminology will get the contract signed whilst protecting your legal risk

With AI QuickCheck, you’ll know in an instant whether your contract aligns or conflicts with these standards so that ultimately, you can make one of the following choices:

  1. Make the suggested edits and send to your counterparty
  2. Get the contract reviewed in full
  3. Sign the contract as-is

In other words – AI QuickCheck gives you a prescription for what you need to do next!

How it works

Step 1: Upload your contract

Simply upload your contract in a couple of clicks and kick back and relax while our AI does its magic.

Step 2: AI QuickCheck scan

In order to do the correct AI contract analysis, our AI scans for:

a) The type of contract you’ve uploaded

b) The parties to the contract 

c) Which side you represent

That way we know what to look for and what you need to be aware of, so we can apply the correct playbook to your agreement.

And when it comes to position – that’s fundamental.

As you’ll know, what’s acceptable for a service provider won’t necessarily be acceptable for a buyer.

This is true for suppliers, distributors, licensees, consultants, subcontractors etc. 

Your role in the agreement determines the contract language that works for you and your contractual relationship. 

Step 3: Get your instant report

Hurray, the QuickCheck is complete! 

In just seconds, AI QuickCheck generates a comprehensive report, summarizing the contents of your contract and highlighting any potential red flags. It breaks down the top terms, showing precisely how they align with market standards or if not, where adjustments are needed.

ai legal assistant

How the report works

Just think of the report as an AI contract analysis; summarizing what your contract contains, highlighting the red flags and telling you how to resolve them.

If your terms align with market standards – great! We’ll give you the green light on your contract!

Any conflicts with market standards will be flagged and highlighted in red.

We’ve combined our gold mine of contract data, together with the expertise of our commercial lawyers to determine the most critical terms for negotiating your contract.

Our AI legal document analysis breaks down each top term into separate parts, and shows you:
-how each part either aligns or conflicts with market standards
-where the conflicts are and how to fix them

Our AI contract drafting highlights exactly what’s wrong with the term, so you can make it right!

We take you directly to the part of the contract that needs fixing, and with our analysis, you can go straight into our online Contract Editor and make the changes you need to align your contract with what’s standard in the market.

What’s next for your contract?

 Once the AI QuickCheck is complete, you can make one of the following choices:

  1. Make the edits and proceed: use our online Contract Editor to make necessary changes and send the contract directly to your counterparty within the platform. Quick and hassle-free!
  2. 24 hour Full Review: if you seek a comprehensive markup, opt for a Full Review by our turbocharged combo of AI and top commercial lawyers, back in under 24 hours!
  3. Sign with confidence: if your contract aligns with market standards, sign it right within the platform using our secure eSignature integration!

The choice is yours…

But with Superlegal’s AI QuickCheck you can be sure that you’re just seconds away from knowing:

  • The terms you need to look out for
  • If the terms are drafted in a way that’s acceptable for your business
  • What’s your next move in the negotiation
  • How to get there in record time 

ai contract drafting

To summarize

AI QuickCheck is the AI legal assistant you’ve been waiting for!

It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Sign up to Superlegal’s AI QuickCheck for free & upload your contract today
  2. Kick back & relax as our AI scans your contract for conflicts with market standards
  3. See if you can sign your contract as-is, or make the changes you need so that you’re ready to go

Our AI legal document analysis gives you the green light on your contract in seconds.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to enhance your contract workflow and speed ahead with your negotiations.

Ready to revolutionize your contract review process? 

Click to sign up for Superlegal’s AI QuickCheck for FREE today! 

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