So, you’ve got an appealing product, a winning team, and a clearly defined sales strategy. All that’s left now is to go out and sell.

Easy enough, right?

Well, no. A typical SaaS sales cycle can take up to three months long.

So you’ll need the best sales acceleration software tools on the market in your back pocket to help you speed up your sales process and crush your sales goals!

What is sales acceleration software?

sales acceleration software

Sales acceleration is all about speeding up your sales process so you can close deals in less time.

You don’t need us to tell you what closing deals faster does for you — less time to close means more time to pursue other sales prospects and grow your sales revenue.

There’s a wide range of sales acceleration tools available to help you improve your sales effectiveness, from solutions that optimize activities within the sales process itself to those that improve support activities such as training and onboarding, analytics, and company research tools.

We’ve created a list of the 5 best sales acceleration solutions that you can employ to boost your SaaS sales capabilities.

Types of sales acceleration software:


1. Sales-focused CRMs 

Customer relationship management (CRM) software unifies and houses all your client data.

By connecting different departments and their customer-related information, CRM software can be a powerful sales acceleration tool as it stores all different types of communication, such as calls, texts, emails, and meetings in one easily accessible location.

These days, many CRMs are highly automated, able to update customer details and send out reminders without manual intervention.

Salesforce, which also provides reports with information to help you make critical decisions, is the best-known CRM, but there are others, like Zoho CRM, HubSpot, and Apptivo for different business needs. 


2. Sales Engagement Software 

This type of sales acceleration platform streamlines communication between your sales reps and prospects.

You start by plugging your preferred sales communication sequence into the software.

The platform then tracks your progress, sends your reminders, and even automates certain tasks such as sending out emails. Often, other communication tools are also built-in, so you can send emails, make phone calls, and even use social media in one unified place.

Many sales engagement platforms, such as Salesloft, include a layer of sales intelligence to track your actions and customer responses and recommend improvements to your sales strategy. 


3. Conversation Intelligence Software 

Using artificial intelligence (AI), this sales growth acceleration software analyzes speech and text from conversations between sales reps and prospects.

This tool can track certain terms and action items so reps can focus on nurturing the customer interaction itself. The insights provided can be used to better understand customer intent, sentiment, and outcomes from the meeting, as well as what tactics by the rep work.

Solutions such as Gong and develop meaningful data insights from the customer interaction which can then be used to develop a playbook for more effective meetings in the future.


4. Predictive Analytics Software

Using advanced computer algorithms and statistical models, this sales acceleration tool predicts outcomes for a range of events to:

  • determine the quality of your lead (whether they are worth pursuing)
  • identify potential upsell and cross-sell opportunities
  • determine the markets that pose the best opportunities for sales growth.

Platforms such as Adobe Analytics can be used for a wide range of applications, ranging from customer journey analysis to marketing channel analysis, where the effectiveness of each marketing funnel is assessed.


5. Sales Coaching Software

Let’s face it: your sales reps play a fundamental role in your company’s future. So you’d better be coaching them for success!

sales acceleration

Sales coaching software analyzes various aspects of sales calls with the intention of helping sales reps identify their strengths and weaknesses, improve their sales technique, and establish a set of best practices to be applied going forward. Platforms like Sybill capture the body language and expressions of customers on Zoom calls and alert reps about what seemed to resonate with the customers, what got them excited, and what made them lose interest.


Don’t miss your chance to seal the deal!

Sales acceleration software can help you get to the finish line faster, but it’s just as important not to drop the ball when you get there. In other words, you don’t want to put together all the right infrastructure to speed up a deal, only to let it cool on your legal counsel’s desk. 

Superlegal uses AI technology to review contracts within hours and arm you with smart insights to help you negotiate the best possible deals.

By automating the contractual review process, Superlegal’s deal acceleration solution guarantees that you maintain your momentum and close deals faster without any waiting around for legal. 

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