Conflict of Interest Policy


Legalogic Ltd. and its subsidiary Legalogic Inc., (the “Company we, our or us”) provides Services and Legal Services (as defined in the Order Form or Terms and Conditions, as applicable) for many different customers.

Due to the potential for a conflict of interest between two or more of our customers, we have put into place policies and procedures to address various circumstances that could lead to a conflict of interest situation in order to safeguard the interests of our customers.

We want to make you aware of all the relevant circumstances and the reasonably foreseeable ways that a conflict of interest may arise and the possible adverse effects. We encourage our customers to make an informed decision regarding the nature of the representation provided by Superlegal.

A conflict of interest may arise when: (i) two sides of the same contract are using us for Legal Services; (ii) one side is using us for Services and the other for Legal Services or (iii) a current Legal Services customer uploads a contract where the counter party is a former Legal Services customer.

How do we operate to address this?

1. All documents uploaded to our platform are checked to verify whether a conflict of interest exists.

2. When both of the parties for the same contract are using us for Legal Services, we will contact them to discuss whether the conflict can be waived. If not, we will not process that contract and inform the parties accordingly.

3. When one party is using us for Legal Services and the other for Services only, we will continue to review the uploaded document since the provision of Services does not include the formulation of the Customer’s legal policies and guidelines and these Customers are not provided with any legal advice. However, in order to avoid potential conflicts, team members who provides Legal Services will not work on a document where they worked on an upload previously submitted by the counterparty. Our team members who provide the Legal Services are trained to avoid allowing any prior knowledge they may have to negatively impact their review.

4. When one party is a current Legal Services customer and the counter party is a former Legal Services customer, notwithstanding that we may have assisted the former customer in drafting the template or provided Legal Services to such former customer, we will continue to provide Legal Services to the current Legal Services customer so long as Legal Services were not provided to the former customer in connection with the uploaded document transaction. In addition, we can provide diligent and competent Legal Services to our current customer by applying customer policy with no deference given to the counterparty’s template. By accepting the Terms and Conditions and by extension, this policy, you are consenting that we may continue to review such document, whether you are the current Legal Services customer or the former one without any future conflict waiver required.

We are aware that attorney-client privilege, which usually protects communications between attorneys and clients, may be at risk in the situations mentioned above. Our customers acknowledge and understand that attorney- client privilege is different than that received from a law firm and subscribe to our services with that understanding. The Customer confirms that it understands that information shared with one of the Company’s attorneys is subject to attorney-client privilege as it relates to others, however, should litigation arise as between two parties in one of the situations mentioned above, attorney-client privilege may be relinquished which would result in the loss of protection in court.

Customers are advised to see the advice of independent counsel in determining whether to engage us to provide services under the circumstances outlined above. Should you have any questions, please contact us at