Welcome to the revolutionary legal experience for scaling your business.

We take you all the way from initiating the deal to getting it signed – and it all starts with Superlegal Create!

Superlegal Create serves as the catalyst to initiate deals fast and position you to achieve the best result for your business – transforming you into a powerhouse for closing deals.

We do this by streamlining the entire contract creation process, empowering you to create contracts at scale.


Superlegal Create harnesses the power of three bespoke features, designed to turbocharge your deals and set up your negotiations for success! 

1. Template Center
2. Contract Generator
3. Superlegal Market Templates 

Superlegal’s Template Center 

Templates can be scattered across different platforms, drives and workspaces – with a ton of versions to sift through before you can even think about getting your contract out for review.

Time is of the essence when you’ve got a deal to push forward – and that’s a LOT of wasted time!

But don’t worry, Superlegal’s Template Center has got your back.

Upload, store and manage all of your templates in your brand new, easy to use, self-serve template center.

With our Template Center you’ll know exactly where to go to find the most up to date version of the template you need!

Simply drag & drop your most up-to-date, reusable templates, to quickly and easily create the contracts you need.

Delegate the work of contracting with total ease, by adding your own rules and guidelines alongside your templates – so your team members have all the information they need to create their contracts.

That way you get to retain complete control over what can and can’t be included in your contracts – empowering your whole team to initiate deals, with no risk or issues of quality control.

With Superlegal’s Template Center, you get to manage all of your templates in one place and create a single source of truth for your contracts.

Superlegal’s Contract Generator

Manual contract creation can be a lengthy and challenging process.

You’ve got to find the right template, make sure it’s up to date, open it up in your chosen editor, source any relevant guidelines, fill in the details, download a copy, open up your emails, send it round to the team or over to your counterparty…

You get the picture!

But thanks to our Contract Generator – there’s a better way! 

Superlegal’s Contract Generator is your brand new, easy to use, contract editor designed specifically for straightforward, rapid contract creation! 

Superlegal’s Contract Generator is the fastest, easiest and most efficient way to create legal agreements – allowing you to create as many contracts as you need in seconds!

 It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3: 

  1. Choose the relevant template from the Template Center 
  2. Open it up in the Contract Generator 
  3. Fill in the specifics of the deal…

…and hey presto, you’ve got a contract!

saas referral agreement

Once your brand new contract has been generated, it’s ready to send straight to your customer or vendor!

With Superlegal, this all happens in the same workspace.

So no more back and forth between Word, email and shared drives to get your contracts over the line!

With our Contract Generator, you’re minutes away from getting your contracts out to your customers, slashing the time it takes to close deals!    

Superlegal Market Templates

If your templates contain terms that are ambiguous, badly written, non-standard and unnecessarily onerous on your customers…

…you’re going to invite endless rounds of negotiation and a lengthy back and forth at each stage – costing you significant time and money!

Instead, you want to kick off your negotiations the right way.

Superlegal’s Market Templates reflect market standards and industry benchmarks. 

They align with your customer’s expectations so you’ll minimize the time it takes to seal the deal – optimizing your starting point and improving your negotiation position from the jump!

Superlegal’s AI has analyzed hundreds of thousands of contracts. 

This data gold mine gives us an unparalleled insight into how contracts are negotiated and how deals are closed.

We’ve applied this deep knowledge of the market standard position to create optimal templates that lead to:

  • The highest chances of closing the deal
  • Slashing time to close by up to 40%
  • Balancing your business needs with legal risk

In other words: closing the best deal for your business.

ai solutions

With Superlegal’s Market Templates you’ll have access to the contracts that will supercharge your negotiations and fast track you to the finish line!   

Grow your business with Superlegal

Superlegal’s intuitive, all-in-one platform empowers your team with all the tools they need to get deals started, and get them closed!

With Superlegal, you’ll get the best in class of everything you need to:
–> close the best deal for your business
–> slash time to close by 40%
–> exponentially scale your deal volume 

So that – bottom line – you can make more money & grow your business!

If you’d like to see Superlegal in action, sign up to our Free Trial, and get your 1st contract back in just 24 hours!

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