I don’t need to remind you that we’re in challenging times!

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If your business is going to compete and win, you need to start doing more with less…like yesterday!

And there’s no better way to do more with less – than with AI!

Thanks to quantum leaps in technology and the availability of HUGE amounts of data – the adoption of Artificial intelligence (AI) has seen massive exponential growth in recent years. 

The development of ever more sophisticated machine learning algorithms and the availability of powerful hardware for deploying AI models, have created a boom in the range of solutions available and the number of companies adopting them.

The size of the global AI market is estimated to reach a whopping $190.61 billion by 2025, up from $21.46 billion in 2018. 

The adoption of AI will only continue to catapult in 2023 as companies fight to leverage the available technologies to cut costs, optimize operations and transform their business to ride the storm and beat the competition!

You’re going to want to stick around – because we’ve got 23 AI tools you absolutely need to jump on if you’re going to celebrate like this in 2023!

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Why do you need to harness the power of AI in 2023!? 

In addition to automating upwards of a third of the activities of your entire workforce – AI can transform your business in the following ways:

1. AI improves your decision making

AI can analyze huge amounts of data, fast – and provide insights and recommendations to help improve the accuracy of decision-making and help your team make better decisions.

2. AI helps you minimize errors

AI can help you detect and troubleshoot issues before they become a problem, in an efficient and cost-effective way. AI can be used to validate huge amounts of data, minimize errors in financial transactions and provide insights across your business that would be difficult or impossible for humans to detect. 

3. AI secures you a competitive advantage

AI can give you a competitive advantage by providing insights and brand new capabilities you didn’t have before. With automation you can provide your service at a lower cost and with a higher level of quality than your competitors.

4. AI slashes costs across your business

Automating your processes means lower costs. By bringing in automated processes to replace old manual ways of doing things, you cut two of the largest areas of costs for your business – labor costs and operational costs. 

5. AI brings value to your business and your customers

By automating tasks and bringing about huge shifts in productivity and efficiency, your employees can shift their focus to higher value tasks that are better suited to their skill set – securing more value to your business overall, and to your customers. 

And happy customers are at the heart of EVERY successful business!

You’re likely already using a suite of AI solutions. 

But, do you know the full range of automated tools available to help you automate and optimize the different areas of your business? 

23 AI Tools You Need to Jump on in 2023

Here are 23 AI tools you need in 2023 – in five business areas you may not have even thought of!

Let’s get into it!


Thanks to the creation of new language processing and machine learning capabilities – AI can take over your contract and negotiation functions.

Superlegal‘s contract review platform (#1) is superior to human lawyers for a ton of reasons.

Check out the results of an epic showdown between AI and human lawyers (spoiler alert: the AI kicked ass!)  

Here are four ways Superlegal AI can transform the way you do legal:

a) Manage and reduce your legal risk 

Reviewing a contract can be pretty stressful, taking into consideration the risks involved! With AI contract review you’re able to future-proof and mitigate risk by ensuring accuracy and consistency across your contracts, without paying tens of thousands of dollars on legal fees.

b) Save a ton of time 

Automated solutions don’t just perform faster, they reduce turnaround time from days to the same-day! A fully automated legal contract review service can reduce contract review time by up to 80%.

c) Guarantee quality, accuracy & consistency every time 

Hours of work and tiredness that invariably affect manual review will never stand in the way of quality or consistency again with an AI contract review solution.

d) Negotiate the best deals for your business 

AI contract review is data driven and aligns with market standards to review contracts in a way that reflects your industry’s expectations for an entirely commercial contract review. 

With Superlegal you can take your deals all the way from initiation to signature:
-create and manage your contracts
-negotiate your deals and take them over the line
-save up to 90% on your legal costs

Try Superlegal for free and get your 1st contract back in 24 hours!

Human Resources

HR has always been a highly labor intensive business area. 

Repetitive and time-consuming tasks such as sorting through resumes, scheduling interviews and tracking employee information make ideal candidates for automation!

AI can quickly and efficiently complete these tasks, freeing up your HR staff to focus on more strategic and complex ones that can move the needle for your business.

Here are four ways AI can transform the way you do HR:

a) AI assisted recruitment 

AI can analyze resumes and job descriptions to identify the most qualified candidates for your new role – reducing the time and effort required to review applications. Tools like ideal (#2) can help your HR team filter for the right candidates. Companies like Gecko (#3) even offer AI bots to conduct job interviews!

b) Streamline employee onboarding 

AI can be used to automate tasks like creating employee profiles, scheduling orientations and providing training materials. Leena (#4) is an AI-powered employee onboarding platform that helps new hires get up to speed with personalized training and development programs.

c) Boost employee performance and engagement 

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AI solutions like Scoot (#5) analyze data on employee behavior, communication, performance and engagement to provide insights and recommendations for improvement. Bonusly (#6) is an employee recognition platform that uses machine learning to surface and reward top-performing employees in real-time – so you can incentivize and retain top talent!

d) AI-powered payroll 

AI-powered payroll systems like Workday (#7) can handle routine tasks such as scheduling and payroll processing – freeing your HR staff to focus on the stuff that counts! 


Marketing involves big amounts of data and complex analysis. 

AI can quickly process and analyze your customer data and market trends to identify patterns and insights for informing your marketing strategy.

AI can also automate all sorts of digital marketing tasks from email and social media marketing to content generation – which can save you huge amounts of time and resources!

Here are four ways AI can transform the way you do marketing:

a) 4/7 Customer service 

AI can provide 24/7 customer service and support – giving you a serious competitive advantage! Chatbots like Intercom (#8) can analyze your user’s language and respond in the exact same way humans do. You can even use an AI powered virtual assistant from companies like Ada (#9) to provide personalized assistance to your customers.

b) AI assisted content creation 

AI algorithms can analyze data to generate written content – reducing the need for human writers and editors. AI tools like Jasper (#10) and Persado (#11) can help with your content marketing in a way that matches your brand’s style and voice.

c) Customer segmentation

AI algorithms can analyze your customer data to identify patterns and segment customers into groups – so you can tailor your marketing efforts whilst cutting down on marketing costs. Companies that offer AI-powered customer segmentation solutions include BlueConic (#12), Lytics (#13), and Treasure Data (#14).

d) Predict customer behavior

AI platforms like Optimizely (#15) can help your marketing team forecast customer behavior using machine learning algorithms to target their campaigns more effectively. The goal of this type of analysis is to optimize ad spend and improve ROI by targeting the right customers with the right message at the right time. 


Finance tasks are simply perfect for AI automation – given how repetitive they can be and how much data needs to be handled.

AI can quickly process and analyze large amounts of data such as financial statements, and identify patterns, anomalies and potential risks to help detect fraud. 

Here are four ways that artificial intelligence (AI) can transform the way you do finance:

a) Automate routine tasks 

AI can automate all sorts of finance tasks – from data entry, invoice processing and expense reports to budgeting, forecasting and financial planning. Helping your finance team make better decisions, boost efficiency and free up time. Abacus (#16) is an awesome AI-based invoice management system.

b) AI powered fraud detection

AI solutions like DataRobot (#17) can analyze financial transactions in real-time to detect changes in transaction patterns and other potential red flags to identify potential fraudulent activity – helping to prevent potentially catastrophic financial losses.

c) Financial forecasting tools

AI can analyze your historical financial data to make predictions about future performance, helping you plan ahead! Jirav (#18) is a financial forecasting solution that helps accounting and finance teams budget and forecast in a way that’s completely customizable – so you can track, forecast, and share the data that matters most.

d) Identifying cost savings

AI tools like Jenji (#19) can analyze data on the company expenses and identify areas where cost savings can be made – cutting your expenses and boosting profitability. Use AI to analyze data on costs, customer demand, and competitors’ prices to optimize pricing and maximize your revenues.

Internal Communications

It’s unavoidable. Your employees spend several hours a day communicating in writing, either by email or instant messaging. 

This leaves little time for deep work, is highly inefficient and straight up costs you money!

Here are four ways that artificial intelligence (AI) can transform internal communication within your business:

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a) Automate and personalize communications 

AI can schedule meetings, send reminders and distribute information – sending personalized emails and messages based on your employees’ preferences and behaviors. Microsoft Teams (#20) uses AI to suggest relevant documents and conversations for employees to stay up-to-date on company news and developments.

b) Smart meeting scheduler 

AI-powered meeting schedulers can automate the process of scheduling meetings by analyzing calendar availability, time zones and other factors. Meetingbird (#21) is an AI-powered scheduling tool that collaborates with apps like Google, Outlook, Asana and Trello to suggest the best time and place for a meeting based on availability and preferences.

c) Automatic email filtering

AI-powered email filtering sorts and prioritizes incoming email, automatically flagging important messages and clearing out spam – reducing the time and effort required to manage a large inbox. Apps like Emailtree (#22) integrate email responses with data in your operating systems.

d) Real-time translation 

AI can be used to translate messages and documents to facilitate communication between employees across the globe. Otter (#23) is an AI-powered service that can transcribe and summarize audio and video recordings in real-time.


Phew! There we have it – 23 AI tools you need to jump on NOW!

Let’s face it. 2023 is going to be rough – so you’d better be prepared!

Amidst a concoction of record inflation, global volatility and economic slowdown – you’re going to have to revolutionize your business if you’re going to ride out the storm to victory!

If there’s something you can do to cut costs, get an unfair advantage and beat the competition, then you’ve got to jump on it!

It’s time to reinvent the way you operate your entire business – and there’s no better place to start than with our 23 AI tools you need in 2023!

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