The Challenge

Before partnering with Superlegal, Fielo had recently moved its headquarters and migrated its legal functions from Brazil to the US, where it was looking to expand and drive revenue.

An equally critical and growing challenge for Fielo was the fact that its contracts were not customer friendly enough to significantly scale its customer base in the United States. 

“When you’re a startup, one of the things that you have to do is create velocity, because time is the enemy,” said Fielo Chief Revenue Officer Gary Hanna. “If we close revenue a month faster, then we bring deals into the quarter earlier and faster growth creates incredible leverage on the multiples, in terms of what we’re worth.” 

Gary Hanna
Gary Hanna
“Rather than hire an expensive in-house attorney, I looked for alternatives and found Superlegal.”

The Solution

If Superlegal could create market-based, customer friendly contracts, playbooks and templates, and turn them around fast – it would be the ultimate legal solution for Fielo.

It literally was just a no brainer” said Gary Hanna, “Superlegal was a pretty easy sell for me, and should be for any CRO!

Superlegal and Fielo began working together to create better playbooks, better templates and better contracts. 

We looked at our current forms, and asked ‘where do things stick?’ ‘What causes intensive legal review?’ And ‘can we afford to remove those things?’ said Gary Hanna, “and once we did that exercise, then we were able to have much more customer friendly agreements.”

Superlegal turned Fielo’s contracts around in just 24 hours.

What I’ve found is if we turn fast, they’ll turn fast. If we show a sense of urgency, they’ll show a sense of urgency. And after all, they’re the ones with the money” said Gary Hanna. 

I can now commit to the customer that, if you give me a red line, I will have a turn for you within 24 hours – I’ve never been able to do that.

The Result

Superlegal has just created incredible velocity on our side” said Gary Hanna. 

This immediate and significant improvement in sales velocity has been achieved through an acceleration and streamlining of its sales cycle and acquisition process, supporting Fielo in its number one objective of rapidly scaling in the United States.

Gary Hanna
Gary Hanna
Thanks to Superlegal, the ability for us to close deals faster, raise money and improve our position with potential investors is just immeasurable!

Going Forward

By reducing time to close deals, Superlegal is helping Fielo to grow and reach the next level as a software company.