The challenge



In 2022 we acquired two companies and increased the volume of contracts significantly that we needed to review. We were relying on outside legal counsel and unfortunately their timelines didn’t always mesh with ours.  The legal fees were mounting and we were spending a lot so we knew we needed to quickly find a better solution. That’s when we began looking online for a solution that could help automate the  contract review process and reduce our dependence on others and that’s how we found Superlegal. 

The solution

Superlegal’s features really matched the list of needs that we had and really addressed our challenges. So now, with Superlegal we’re turning around redline contracts overnight and this is a process that used to take us a week or longer with our outside counsel. We’re saving about $8,000 per month and importantly we’re also saving about 16 hours per month of our own time that we previously spent discussing the contracts with our Council. It’s been a great experience and it’s helped us out Tremendously.

Andy Taer
Andy Taer
Business Development Team Leader
“I highly recommend Superlegal to any company that finds themselves bogged down in contract review. Their platform has helped us protect our business while reducing contract turnaround time and legal fees”

About Superlegal

Superlegal is a pioneering legal tech company revolutionizing the way businesses manage contracts. Our cutting-edge AI technology, combined with our team of expert attorneys, delivers unparalleled contract review. By leveraging our platform, businesses can streamline their contract processes, reduce legal costs, and mitigate risks. Superlegal is your trusted partner for efficient, cost-effective, and legally sound contract review.

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