The Challenge

Before partnering with Superlegal, SWCA began to expand rapidly, growing over 30% between 2021 and 2022. 

This growth brought about a significant boom in customers and SWCA needed a solution for the resulting increase in contract volume.

We’re either going to have to hire another person, at least part-time to do the work, or find an automated solution,” said Randy Burger, Director of FP&A at SWCA.

One of the biggest challenges faced by SWCA was that its service contracts were based on templates provided primarily by their clients. 

SWCA needed a solution that would short circuit the process of manually reviewing these client contracts, in a way that would streamline negotiations and minimize their level of risk.

Randy Burger
Randy Burger
Director of FP&A
There’s not a lot of automated AI solutions out there that screen and redline the contracts, ready to send straight to your clients. So Superlegal is great!

The Solution

If Superlegal could save SWCA the time and expense of manually reviewing contracts, whilst creating consistency, streamlining the negotiation process and minimizing legal exposure, then Superlegal would be the ideal solution for SWCA.

Superlegal and SWCA began working together to create the optimal playbooks to create consistency across SWCA’s contracts and manage their legal risk. 

SWCA’s specific preferences and requirements were taken into account, together with Superlegal’s market recommendations, to streamline client negotiations on the one hand, and ensure they are legally covered on the other.

“The process of creating the playbooks has been extremely easy to set up and move forward with. It’s been seamless!”

The Result

Superlegal is a great time saver” says Randy Burger “especially for MSAs and larger contracts that we have to review.” 

“If we didn’t have Superlegal, we would still be doing a lot of these larger contracts manually. I know I’d be much more involved and it would just be inefficient.” 

In addition, Superlegal ensures that all high risk clauses are caught, missing clauses are added and that the level of risk taken on by SWCA is minimized across the board.

“The Superlegal product really does address the things that we need to address. We’re very comfortable with the items that Superlegal are redlining as the things we really need to focus on,” said Randy Burger

“By being consistent across all of our agreements, we understand that we’re protected. We’re hoping to see a reduction in future litigation and a reduction in liability on our side.” 

Finally, through minimizing pushback and turning contracts around in just 24 – 48 hours, Superlegal has optimized the negotiation process for SWCA to sign up new customers.

“Superlegal reduces the amount of back and forth, especially with some of our larger clients, which takes a lot of the back and forth out of the process.”

Randy Burger
Randy Burger
Director of FP&A
Superlegal is an innovative product that is extremely good to work with. I would recommend Superlegal for any company with complex contracts.

Going Forward

“Our initial experience has been wonderful, and we’re hoping to certainly continue using the product in the future.”

SWCA continues to rely on Superlegal to help them scale as one of the nation’s fastest growing firms of environmental consultants.