The challenge

Before implementing Superlegal, we spent hours on contract review and insurance claims management processes. We have about an average of 40 contracts a month and this volume of contracts that needed to be reviewed posed a significant time constraint, often leading to delays in completing essential tasks. We needed a solution that could help us manage our workload more effectively and ensure thorough reviews of each contract.
The amount of time we spent on contract review led us to look for a trustworthy, cost effective, solution for our contract review needs.

the solution

We found Superlegal online and it was the perfect solution to our challenges. The platform’s ability to review contracts quickly and efficiently significantly reduced the time we spent reviewing contracts. We were able to review contracts in a fraction of the time it took previously, saving us valuable hours and resources. The platform’s detailed review capabilities ensured that no critical areas were overlooked, providing us with added confidence in our contract management processes.

Superlegal’s speed and efficiency were unparalleled, allowing us to complete contract reviews swiftly without compromising on quality. The user-friendly interface made it easy for our team to navigate and utilize the platform effectively. 


Peter Lamelas
Peter Lamelas
Claims Manager
"We highly recommend Superlegal for streamlining contract review. Its speed, efficiency, ease of use, and excellent customer service are invaluable for optimizing workflow and achieving better outcomes."

About Superlegal

Superlegal is a pioneering legal tech company revolutionizing the way construction businesses manage contracts. Our cutting-edge AI technology, combined with our team of expert attorneys, delivers unparalleled contract review. By leveraging our platform, construction businesses can streamline their contract processes, reduce legal costs, and mitigate risks, all while ensuring compliance with industry regulations. Superlegal is your trusted partner for efficient, cost-effective, and legally sound contract review.

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