The Challenge

Like many of the companies we work with, Fireblocks came to Superlegal during a period of rapid growth. The company had more than tripled its revenue and customer base over the previous year, which put a huge strain on the company’s legal team whose resources were already stretched pretty thin.

They needed a faster, more efficient, and cost-effective solution to review and negotiate routine sales agreements quickly. But speed could not come at the expense of quality and accuracy – it was very important that each contract was in line with company policy.

Irena Libov
Irena Libov
General Counsel
"When I was the only lawyer at the company, Superlegal was a survival tool"

The Solution

If Superlegal could really help scale the company’s legal resources and keep up with their fast-growing sales teams, it could be a solution to their challenges. 

The Result

Fireblocks entrusted many of their routine sales contracts to Superlegal. “When I was the only lawyer at the company, Superlegal was a survival tool. They were able to support the sales team and close deals, which allowed me to focus on higher-value work. Now I have a team, but I still use Superlegal to support sales,” said Irena Libov, General Counsel. 

Going Forward

Fireblocks continues to rely on Superlegal to scale its legal department and support sales. They are also looking to expand its use to other teams.