The Challenge

Before partnering with Superlegal, SSP’s customer contracts – including purchase orders, terms and conditions and NDAs were being handled and reviewed by SSP’s COO Adam Stiles. 

“Over the past couple of years, they’ve just gotten more and more complex, and more demanding. You have to be focused, and have your blinders on to look at those documents with a fine tooth comb.” 

SSP was in the process of implementing a succession plan. This plan required a solution for SSP’s sales contracts that didn’t involve corporate attorneys, hiring a full time in-house legal position or taking up all of the COO’s time.

They needed a faster, more efficient, and cost-effective solution to review and negotiate routine customer agreements quickly.

Adam Stiles
Adam Stiles
Superlegal’s programs are affordable and simple, and those were the two things that really attracted us. We didn’t have it in our budget, we just went for it!

The Solution

If Superlegal could create fair, market-based contracts that met the company’s needs, speed up the process for signing new customers and take the customer contracts off of the COO’s desk – then Superlegal would be the ultimate solution for SSP.

“Wow, AI for legal review!was Adam’s reaction when he first discovered Superlegal. 

Superlegal and SSP began working together to create better playbooks and better contracts. 

SSP’s specific policies and company preferences were taken into account, together with Superlegal’s market recommendations, to create playbooks that would minimize negotiation time and accelerate the process for getting new customers signed.

The Result

Thanks to Superlegal, SSP’s contracts come back from customers with acceptance. “I haven’t had an experience yet where we’ve had to do a lot of back and forth.” 

Superlegal also turns SSP’s contracts around in just 24 hours.

“We strive to be very responsive to our customers. Especially when they’re new and getting their first experience with us. We want to make that part of the process as painless as possible, so the 24-hour turnaround time is really helpful!” 

By streamlining the negotiation process through minimizing pushback and turning contracts around in just 24 hours, Superlegal has accelerated the process of signing new customers for SSP.

Furthermore, Adam Stiles can now get back to his role as Chief Operating Officer, without having to give over his time to legal review. 

“Superlegal speeds up the process, because we can now get everything done in parallel. It’s helped out a lot.”

Adam Stiles
Adam Stiles
I’m just grateful that I found Superlegal. It was the right product at the right time and one of the best expenses we’ve ever added!

Going forward

SSP continues to rely on Superlegal to carry out its succession plan and grow as a global leader in the manufacturing industry.